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Monitor is a tool that is somewhat a replacement for the Monitor.NLN on Netware. This program can be used against Netware and OES (2). There are also some limited functionallity agains windows servers with eDirectory installed.

Functions in the program:

For every server in the tree

  • Some general information like: Num of CPU's, Workstation and utilization (also graphical representation)
  • Connections: Show all connections, also possible to send a broadcast and disconnect user/connection.
  • Find who locks a file
  • File Rights:  Show/modifu trustee assignments, attributes  and userspace restrictions
  • Netware only: show important files with edit function if usefull.
  • Volume overview: Size, type (NSS/Share) used space.....
  • Netware: Loaded NLM overview
  • Netware: Settings options

Multi server option

  • Overview with some general information of the selected servers
  • Netware: compair of the loaded NLM's

Other options

  • TimeSync
  • DS Sync