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12. Version list



- First free version.


- Authenticate connection added, so directory rights can be set on a non authenticated server.
- Translated a Dutch error into an English text.


- Group membership as a selection option added. (an enhancement request)
- Strict objectcheck added in selection window.
- Directory Select button added. (needs qtintf.dll)
- The main Window is now resizable.


- Icon computer object is back again, which was lost in version 1.06.
- Add option for selection group or template. Ini-file is changed!


- Popup window for directory selection has changed, so qtintf.dll isn't needed anymore.


- Add option create home-directory from NDS home-directory attribute value.
- new screen-layout.
- fix bug in "setting default server", (the context of the server was set, not the server dn)
- reconstruction of the program, some company depended code have been removed.
- default server field is read-only now.


- Extra check added for "create home directory from NDS" if "path" part of the home directory-attribute is empty then the home directory is not created.
- tree select menu option added. (program does not login into the new tree).
- multiple tree-top option added in ini-file.


- Bug fix: on change tree, tree-view info didn't change, it still pointed to the old tree.
- The schema wasn't re-read at tree change.
- Login into new tree at tree-change if necessary in most cases.
- Toolbar instead of menu.
- Save log to file button added.
- About button added.
- IWS Domain,IWS Group and IWS Alias added as a selection option. (IWS:Member attribute)
- General: Typed Name attributes and backlink attributes can now be used as selection option attribute, the DN-part of the attribute is used.
- Ini-file changed, instead of a ":" now a "=" as separator for selection class/attribute
- Fixed problem in library for objectnames that contains a period (.)
- Selection for default server repaired, didn't work for "Instead of ...."
- On request added: Just one user select.
- On request added: Preview option. (a really good idea thanks .......)
- Fix in icons.ini for zenWorkstationGroup icon.


- Create Domain User if user is not a member of the Domain.


- Dynamic Group as selection option added
- Icons.ini removed and replaced by Hbware.dll and Hbware.ini.
- Add support for text-file selection input. LDIF and simple text-file
- Add set owner option for setting the owner-attribute of all subdirectories and files in a home-directory.
- Add check for valid "user" objects, a (dynamic) group or text-file can contain non user objects.
- Add check on availability of user-object


- Removed a hardcoded path to a server.
- Added "auto" install license for licensed version
- Repair cosmetic bug in about box.


- Added "do not create directory".
- Changed "preview" text into "Do test run"
- Removed the calls to nlsap32.dll for the free version (so you don't need the DLL).
- Bug fix in the about-window
- Changed this documentation


- Fixed in setowner, a directoryhandle wasn't released at the end.



- Delete home directory added.
- A Tree change doesn't change the primary tree connection of the workstation.


- Removed a debug output file (x.txt) when using a LDIF-selection file.
- Fixed problem with changing trustee rights, userspace and directory quota
- when "do not create home directory" is active. (they where not set)
- Fixed a memory leak, and the loss of a connection handle.
- Delete Inhibit and Rename Inhibit where swapped.
- Added CFL/CSV input file for selection and optional home directory definition.
- Screen layout changed and options changed, and documentation updated.
- Read home directory attribute from LDIF-file added.
- Save current settings as default added
- Log-window is now in color, and log-file is now a rtf-file (colors).


- Add default server extra option "set to same server as home directory server".
- Fixed problem when object user was selected as a "collection"
- layout changed Added "tab-pages" for different options.


- check NDS for multiple users to the same home directory
- export home directory attribute for "backup" purposes (as a LDIF-file)
- find obsolete home direcotories on volume.


- Fixed problem with name spaces in home directory attribute for obsolete directory scan.


- Option for load/save configuration settings.


- Added commandline parameters.


- Bug in Documentation fixed for csv-file. createhome must be set, samples corrected.
- CSV-file extended with UserSpace and DirQuota values
- UserSpace and DirQuota extended with optional conditions
- Support for user-defined extentions for CFL and LDIF.
- About extended the link to forum.
- Added network setup


- Extra action Home directory UseSpace/DirQuota. Makes a userspace or directory quota list.
- Copy/Move home directory is supported now. The program uses long name spaces, there is
- no testing done for this.


- Add support for usernames that contain a period.
- Add an extra validation check
- Add support for alias objects
- Fixed "top of search tree" it
- Bug fix in change tree.
- Add option for trees that aren't found, you can add the treename now.


- Add User tab with create Alias, group, role and Template membership.
- Add extra commandline parameter def=<filename> for comandline driven set of groups etc.


- Bug fix. If "do not create homedirectoy" was selected, then the option "do test run" was not correctly tested, so the program did change trustee assignments and quota's.
- Fixed problem if a context was selected with only aliases, the program didn't find anything.


- Add prefix/suffix option for aliases.


- Add extra userspace/directory quota option: Set if user has no restriction set.


- Repaired option "Value is minium freespace" for userspace restrictions.


- The function execute template added.


- Conditional delete of Home directories and optional User Objects of users that are "not logged in longer than" xx Weeks/Months/Years
- Fixed problem in csv-files

  1. Wrong error text was shown if context= was not set.
  2. Combination of UserFl=1 and ContextFl=3 was not correctly tested.

- Extra Filter option added.

  1. Process only users with home directory on a specified server.
  2. Process only users without a home directory in the NDS
  3. DLl-filter option added.

- Some error messages updated, so they are more clear.
- LDIF selectie changed, trailing sapces are removed.
- CSV: extra option for quote character =none, for cases where there is no quota char.



- Find Obsolete Directories has been extended with option for delete the directories
- Template "execution" has been extended with dll-support for custom management for attributes.
- Template executions fixed for Aux-Class.
- Template execution changed, all attributes not in ignore list, interpert-list and t dll-support
- are copied now, so extra attributes are automatically copied now.
- bug-fix for stream-attributes during execute Template.
- Option clear attributes added.
- Added set trustee assignment and attributes in copy job.
- Added userspace and directory quota evaluation in copy job.


- Fix in license check routine, program was stil looking for the license in the NDS.


- Fix error in saving the set-file:
- value for "Set if no DirectorySpace restriction is set on Homedirectory" is now correct
- Support added for options: addFilter, allowAlias, sameserver, all filter fields in the set-file.
- In nds-object selection window option added for show all leaf objects or only selectable objects. (in the ini-file you can set the "start" value)


- Bug fix in commandline routine if file-selection was selected (sel=f). Options where not updated correctly, so the check rountine rejected this option.


- Recompilation so the program(s) starts with the homedirectory page again.
- Clear only homedirectory added to delete homedirectory action
- Some minor text corrections


- Fixed: File date was corrupted during a homedirectory copy/move.
- Extra warning added for non-existing volumes in LDIF-file.
- Added extra directory option.

- Fixed copy for fix in copy/move homedirectory. The Inherited right mask in the copy rounitne was corrupted.


- Changed program name into MassUser.
- Fixed problem with inherited file-rights mask during copy
- Fixed problem with selection of a ldif-file as the source for the destination during copy
- Add Extra directory functions other than "repair"
- Add User functions other than "update".
- and many more.


- Fix in set file for applications support


- Changed: Filters options, delete homedirectory also changed
- Changed: Preview option is automatically set after every run.
- Added: On selection of a directory, the "NDS" browse window can now browse into the dirs.
- Fixed: Delete homedirectories, sometimes not all files where deleted.
- Fixed: "Do not create directory" option does function again.
- changed function of Cancel button, is now a user break key.


- Changed: Obsolete filter options moved to filter tab
- Changed: Password Support, also plain password from a password file. TO DO
- Changed: Set-file due to extentions and changes filters.
- Added: Execute external program/batch file for user/home/extradir TO TEST
- Added: copy default data structurte in Homedirectory TO DO
- Added: copy default data structure in extradir TO DO
- Added: save extradir info in an attribute of user object
- Added: Edit/Create Template UNDER CONSTRUCTION
- Added: Template file TO DO
- Added: Remove values for user account TO DO
- Added: support for csv,clear and template info in set file.
- Added: support for groupwise smtp alias (needs API-Gateway groupwise)
- Fixed: Create GW-account at the same time as the User Account
- Fixed: directory only, does work now


- Complete new Delete directory structure routine is implemented.
- Add a check for filenames longer than 255 chars.
- Added a check for double user definitions in a csv-file of ldif file.
- Added copy default directory structure.
- Added hint text rountine (hints not available yet)
- Added help routine (help text not available yet)


- Added trustee/attribute option to the default directory stucture copy.
- Added option for one GroupMembership in CSV-file.
- fixed dfl-rountine, couldn't find the input file.
- cvs-file enhanced, in homediretory / wilt be replaced by \ so //server/volume/path is now ok.


Plans for new version(s):


- New tree selection option.
- Extra commandline parameters for the new functions.
- Finish all functions that are there.
- extra commandline/set options for template support and clear attributes.
- Add context filtering (context-selection with sub-unselect option).
- Add Template "execution" for unsupported attributes like GroupWise/Zen with a dll-support.
- support for trustee/attribute option in combination with copy/move.
- Other name-space support in copy/move option
- copy/move optimize source and destination on same server.
- Copy/move of users and/or home-directories between trees.
- copy process indicator / cancel option.
- Trusted application support for GW 6.5 so the test run can check shared folders.
- obsolete directories (export file, and exclude options)
- Delete homedir for apple and posix too
- HomeDir/ExtraDir Mapping file as a main tab
- Export to LDIF also apple and posix