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8. Other Tab


On this tab there are several sub-tabs with special functions, some are still under development.

8.1. The template tab.

Still under construction, please do not use

8.2. Export.

Here you can export a group to a csv-file. This can be usefull for generating a new csv-file based upon a group. You can add other attributes/values to the csv-file and then import the file again.

8.3. Specials

At the moment there is only one special function implemented.

Find all groupwise accounts without a nds-account. You can optionally delete the groupwise account.

8.4. Object Type.

Normally the program will operate in user objects Here you can select other object to operate on.Some functions will not be possible because the object-class does not contain the correct /needed attributes.

You can also set which attribute shoulkd be used for the username of the homedir. At the moment CN is used, you can select any string attribute, it is up to you to make them unique!

8.5. Dir Only

If you select "Dir Only" at the top, then there is another sub-tab on the other tab.

The only action that is implemented under the action option is delete directories. The other options are under development and will be released in a next version.


8.5.1. Mode

There are five mode functions, the first three options are based on a simple text file the last two are based on an Ldif or CFL/CSV file combination.


Simple text file

The text-file must contain the full or partial UNC-path of the directory on which you want to operate. On selection of:

Full UNC

every line in the text file must contain the full UNC path of the directories.


every line in the text file must contain the volume\path part of the unc path and you have to give the server name.

Server +Volume

every line in the text file must contain only the path part of the UNC-path, you have to give the server and volume name.

Ldif selection.

The program will read the ldif file and use the attributes attr1 and attr2 ( in the future for copy) from the ldif-file for the operation. Default is the attribute ndshomedirectory given. It is important that every record starts with a dn:, this dn may be dummy, the program use this attribute only for determinate the records in the LDIF-file. (it is allowed that all dn: contain the same (dummy)name.


CFL/CSV selection

8.5.2. File

Select the file to be used as the selection file.

8.5.3. Actions

There are a limited number of actions you can do with an extradir.



There is an extra option for delete, on setting the "clear directories only" during a delete, the program will only delete all files and subdirectories from the given directory, but will leave the base-directory. This can be usefull if the trustees of the directory have to be retained.



Not possible yet



Not possible yet