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7. Misc



7.1. Set default server

You can set or clear the default server field in NDS for each user in the selection.
Set default Server: Click the button to the right and select the desired server.
Clear/delete default Server: leave field server name empty. (use backspace to clear field).

You can also check "Use same server as Home directory Server". The program will read the home directory attribute from NDS and determine the server.
If you don't want to set the default server uncheck "Set Default server"
In MassUser it is also possible to set this attribute with the template or CSVC-file.

7.2. Create Domain User (MassUser version only)

It is possible to create an NT 4 domain user is you have Novell's NDS Authentication services.
Provide the NDS-template which defines the Domain and the other attributes. The program only uses the "IWS:*" attributes of the template for setting the user attributes. It creates a "user" in the Domain and adds the user to the Domain group(s). The program will first check if the Domain is already in the domain-list of the user. Then it checks for membership of the user in the Domain IWS:Member list. If both checks fail then the user is created in the NT-Domain.

This section is only active if the class "IWS Domain" exists in the schema of your current eDirectory and a license for MassUser is installed. The program checks this again at a tree change.
You can add the user to the membership of the used template. Do this only if you want to use the template for other tasks, otherwise it is useless data in eDirectory and it will slow down the program on retrieving the Template.

7.3. Execute

You can give here a programname and parameters of an extranal program. The program will be started after the program has applied the changes to a user. The program will replace any %u in the parameter list will be replaced with the current user (fullname untyped).