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6. Extra Directory


Sometimes you need a user directory that is not a homedirectory. With the option here you can create an extra directory for the user. (or even a group directory).
There are three operation available

- Repair/update/create
- Delete
- Copy/move

Extra dir is simular to Home Directoy, execpt there is no ExtraDirectory attribute in the user object.

6.1. Repair/Update/Create

The program need to know how to "compose" the extra directory path. There are 5 options for generating the extra-directory.

  1. Mapping file
  2. Selecttion file
  3. Attribute
  4. Regular expression
  5. Direct selection (use volume/path from below).

6.1.1. Mapping File.

If you want to use the mapping file, you have to enable home directories and select there the operation you want to do on the homedirectory too. There is an option "No Operation, only mapping file for extra dir. Then there will be no homedirectory update, but you can set an configure the extradir information in the mapping option. (The mappingfile option will be moved to an other location in the program, so you don't have to select the HomeDirecotory)

  1. See also Mappingfile under homedirectory.

6.1.2. Selection file

to do...

6.1.3. Attribute.

At the moment this option isn't supported,

The value of the attribute must contain the UNC-path to the extra directory of the user.

6.1.4. Regular expression

This is simular to the homedirectoy regular expression. See Homedirectory regular expressions and the chaper about regular expressions.

6.1.5. Use Volume/Path from below.

Select the volume object and the base path for the user extra directory.

6.1.6. Use Attribute.

For all the options above except atrrbute the program will add the value of the given attribute to the path. Default the cn is used, but any string attribute can be used.

It is possible to add a prefix and/or suffix to the value of the attribute

6.1.7. Do not create directory

See homedirectory

6.1.8. Create default data structure.

Do not use, under construction. Will be the same as default structure under homedirectory.

6.1.9. Store in attribute.

You can save the unc-path of the created directory in an attribute of the user. At the moment you can only save information to "string" attributes that are part of the basic schema definitions of the user object. (Maybe there will be an option for adding an Auxiliary class and use the attributes of that class too.) The value can be used in future runs and for delete and copy.extra dir.

6.1.10. Create export file

You can save the unc-path information of the created extra directories to an export file. The program will ask for the filename after a "run". You can use this file for Delete and Copy (csv-option) or for reference purposes.

6.1.11. Other settings

See homedirectory for the other settings. You can set the Purge immediate and compress immediate attributes of the new created extra directory.

6.1.12. Special Groupwise Achive directory button

There is a special button on the toolbar, that will set the correct info in User atrribute and prefix/suffix for a groupwise Archive directory. Prefix=of, User Attribute=NGW: File ID, sufix=arc. (only enabled if there is a connection to the groupwise system)

6.1.13. User space quota/directory limits

See homedirectory

6.2. Delete Extra Directory.

There is an extra tab where you have to give the information for the delete.
On the Del/copy tab you have to select:

- the attribute you want to use. The attribute must contain the unc-path of the directory to delete.
- a csv/cfl file combination for the source. (need not work out this in the doc)!
There is also an option for just deleting all the files and directories in the user extra-dir.

6.3. Copy/Move




On the tab Del/Copy you have to select the source for the ExtraDirectory, and the copy/move options. You can set the user quota or directory limit for the new location too.
This option is still under construction, please do not use.