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1. Installation



The installation is very simple, run the MassUserxxx.exe or Homesxxx.exe program setup. The xxx stands for the version of the program.
The program Homes.exe or MassUser will be installed in the directory c:\program files\Hbware\Homes. The program uses an ini-file for it's configuration (Homes.ini). The program needs the Hbware.dll in the directory c:\program files\Hbware\libs. For groupwise support the Groupwise client must be installed on the workstation. The program supports GW5.5EP (enhancement pack) and GW 6.x.
The first time you start the program it will show the window, or select the setup tab on the right.



The setting above the horizontal line are settings for the current tree, the setting below the line are program settings. This are the "static"settings for the program, all other settings are done on the settings tab.
Search Top.

If your company is part of a larger tree, where you can only manage a smaller sub-tree, you can set the top of you sub-tree so the program doesn't have to search for the objects above this sub-tree. (This will provide you with a faster lookup in the object select window). This "top" by default is set to [root]. For each tree you can set a different "top". You have to enter in the top context, in typeless format and without a leading dot. (IE. not .ou=xxx.o=yyy, but simple xxx.yyy or [root] ).

The option "Set as default" is useful if you are using other utilities from Hbware. Newly installed utilities will use the default value for there own setup.

Groupwise support (massuser only)

It is possible to create/update and delete groupwise account with MassUser.exe. The domain must be set to be able to use this function. For every tree you have to set the domain or disable the groupwise support. To be able to add Groupwsie support, the client for Groupwise 5.5Ep or 6.x. There are two options, NDS: select the primairy domain object in your tree, or path, you have to set the path where the program can find the domain database. (preferrable the primairy domain).

The option Use Trusted App GW 6.5 and up is not supported yet.

Until version 3.03.29 the program did save the path information in the eDirectory with a "long namespace" setting. Many other tools do have a problem with this setting, from this version on the program sets "Dos Namespace" (like console one) in the eDirectory even if the direcotry path is not 8.3. You can set the option back to "long name space"


Default the program will use the program directory for save and loading all files. It is possible to set a different "datapath" for all data-file. The program will read the ini-file, set-files from the program directory or the networkpath. Dll's are always read from the program directory.


Master. You can force the program to use the master replica for making the changes to the NDS. This is a global setting, so for all trees the program uses the same setting.


Here you can set the start value for showing all leaf object during a object lookup. If not set the program will only show the selectable leaf-objects, otherwise the program shows all leaf-objects. The program ill not show leaf objects at all if the input must be a container.
Password length (massuser only)

Massuser can set the passwords for users and groupwise, the program will first read the attibute "Minium Password Length" of the user objects, before it applies the new password. If the user object does not have a "Minium Password Length" attribute, the program will use this value.