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Test Universal Password

The program is a LDAP/NMAS utility, that will read the password policy for a user, or all users in a container or sub-tree. Then it will check the universal password, simple password and distributes password status. Optionally it can read display the universal password (depending on the eDirectory setting in a password policy).

You can export the result to a csv-file.

Because the program is an LDAP application, you need to give the ldap server name or IP and port and the credentials for the login. This information is save in a profile, so you can use it the next time. The password can be saved in the profile for easy login, this is less secure!. If the password is not save you will be prompted.

The profiles are save in a central location on the pc, so any other ldap utility of HBWare can use these profiles.

At startup you will get the profile select window like below

Use the right mouse button for add, deleting or modifying profiles.

Select the profile you want to use.

If you create a new profile the program shows the following window:

Give the hostname of IP-addres of the ldap server. Default the program uses port 636 and SSL. If you don’t want to use SSL you probably need to use port 389.

Give the usename in LDAP style.

The password is optional here, if not given you will be prompted.

For this utility you can not use anonymous bind.

Please use the test button, so you know the information is correct. You will be prompted for the password if you did not set it.

First time run. (license installation)

If it is the first time you run the program, you will be prompted with:

If you have ordered a (trial) license select yes, then you will get the license entry window:

Copy the license info from the email you got and paste it here in the input window. The information you got should look simular to the data above.

Default the program will save the licenseinfo in the user profile (top option). You can decide to save the license info into the program directory (second option). On Vista and Window 7 this can be a problem due to the User Access Contol (UAC) of Windows.

(For the smart guys the licenseinfo above is not a valid license)


Using the program

At the top there is a box where you can select the user of container for which you want to read the password info.

Decide if you want to read the actual universal password. This could cause a security problem! The select “GO”.

You can type the info or use the button with the pencil to browse the eDirectory.

The program will lookup the user or the users in the given context (sub tree search), and for every user the program will show which password policy is active (or not) and the status of the different passwords.

At the top there is an option to save the data to