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Configuration - restore
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Auxiliary classes When Unchecked the program will use the standaard Novell library, and it is not possible to restore objects with auxiliary classes attachted to them. When checked then the program will use a non-standaard library/methode to restore the object. It is possible to restore objects with auxiliary-classes, but there are some limitations (see also restore).
Auto Retry During a (large) restore it could happen that the NDS is to slow and there are –659 errors. When this option is checked, the program will do an automatic retry to restore the object. It uses the following methode: After an error it will wait, and will do an new restore. The time the program waits is first 200ms then 500ms, 1 secode, 2 secodes, 5,10,20 secodes. If the restore fails after 7 retries,  then the program will show an error.
Auto Show When checked the program will write a warning to the log-window for every retry.