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There is an interactive and a service version (extended version only) of the backup.

  • Backup.exe Allows you to backup a tree interactively. The windows user must have enough (admin) rights to the eDirectory. It is also possible to  backup trustee rights.
  • Service (backserv.exe). The windows service can backup multiple trees (sequentieel), it is also possible to backup trustee rights.
  • Restore.exe There are only 3 settings for restore.exe.

Backup and the service use the same configuration data, for the service you need to give the user/password combination for the tree to login.

The configuration information is partial tree specific and some is general information, all the information is stored in the backrest.ini file.

With the program bsrConfig.exe (config in the menu) you can setup the configuration At the top there are 3 buttons. From left to right: Exit, language, “What is This” (short help).

Tree Info: Select the tree, if it is not in the list, use Add Tree.  Warning: You need to be authenticated to the tree you want to add.