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August 2016 update

August 31, 2016: GWAudit version 0.11a

The in the setup included ssl (libeay and ssleay) dll's needed some of the runtime libraries of the Microsoft runtime dll's.

A new setup (version 011a) inow includes a dll version without a dependency on the Microsofr runtime dll's.


August 29, 2016: GWAudit version 0.11

GwAudit 2014 can be used ifor the GroupWise version 2014, 2014R2 and 2024 R2 HP1.

Major changes:
- rights are now based on roles and users that are member of rolles. Not backward compatible with older versions.
- User does not need to be a GroupWise admin anymore.

For the complete list of changes see below.
Beware it is still beta software. Please report any problems (and wishes).

Changes/fixes for version 0.11

New rights system based on roles and users member of role.

to do: add extra role disabled at the moment, otherwise error on stop program.

Add: rename user, nickname, resouce

Fixed: error messes on "delete user/nick/resouce" are now more descriptive

Add: create object visibility can be set on create

Add: In config on system tab the default visibility for new objects can be set.

Add: Group edit access right.

Fixed; access violation clent option postoffice and user/resource

Changed: version check (needs access to the domain and post office http page).

Fixed: client option "global signature" All en External where swapped.

Added: User/Nick/Resouce Access right modify added.

Changed: Report selection pull down has now icons like the mass update

Added: Toggle functions selections

Added: progress bar and stop for proxy report.

Added: All emails report (has stop/progress)

Added: option for select resource instead of just user in report/mass update.

Changed: Attribute selector modified for user and resource

Changed: Report "client attribute" renamed to "object attribute" and resource support.

Changed: all reports now support resources.

Changed: all mass imports can handle users or resources.

Added: Domain and Post office version + build. (export available)

Sometimes problem with login, db version is shown

Fixed: mo/so problem (access violation) in proxy layout new

Added: Add acl export.

Changed: check method for password validation on user login.

If gw-authentication is used, the user does not need to be an gw admin anymore

Fixed: save changes group visibility, description and ext. override now works.



August 26, 2016  Version 0.10 is retracted

There is a bug in the version check of the groupwise system,

In a few days a new 0.11 version will be released


New beta version od GWAudit 2014 is released (August 21, 2016)  (previous version was 0.08)

New documentation is iincluded.


Change log for version 0.09 and 0.10

Version 0.09

Proxy rights TASK and Notes where swapped on classic page.

Version 0.10

Fixed: Proxy rights "not on post office" error

Added/fixed: Export/update:

- new csv file with separator tab, semicolon or colon

- changed: txt-file, now the name is resolved to find do and po

add new Export option: Export user attributes like given name, surname, visibility etc

added/fixed Update page selection (same as the export functions)

Added: Vacation Rule for user add/edit for GW2014R2 SP1

fixed: create group, now correct info is shown, wait for sync added.

fixed: reload group info

fixed: save group info fixed

added: group membership add/delete

added: group acl add/delete

added: overview pending operations (under system) of all domains

fixed: user/resource/nickname/group set visibility to "post office" is now possible

added Update functions (more to come)

- add vacation rules based on csv-file start/end date from csv-file and optional others

- disable vacation rules

- set visibility

- set visibility based on a csv-file

- set expiration time

- set expiration time based on a csv-file

- clear expiration time

- disable logins

- enable logins

- clear force inactive

- set force inactive

- login, force inactive, visibility and expiration in one run

- set preferred email address based on csv-file

- add to group

- remove from group

- clear attribute "authentication directory"

Modified User tree view only the options you have access to are shown (proxy, rules,


Added: User->group add/delete group

Added: two new access rights "Category" and "Mass Update"

Added: view email addresses user, resource, nickname and group

Added: change resource owner

Added: new user, nickname, resource

Added: delete user, nickname and resource

Fixed: display name user and nickname after changing the given or surname

Added: Collapse option to popup menu (will collapse parent node)

Added: "go to" option to popup menu quick jump to main node "users" ... "groups"

Added: search option to popup menu (same as search on the toolbar).

Fixed: speedup the display of users/nickname (about 300x faster)


December 2015 update

This month all the setups will be updated so they are compatible with Window 8 and 10.

At the moment some are already updated, if you have one that is not updated yet and you need it, drop me an email and I will update is asap.


Other news:

TestUPW is renamed to Universal PW tool.


A beta version of GWaudit2014 is released, it does not need a license yet, and the current version (0.07a) will work until 1 march 2016.

Please let me know what you think and need.

At the moment editing/saving Rules and Signatures are not finished!!

Soon a long expected new version of NDSBackup will be released.


From now (dec 2015) only the licensed, free and beta applications are supported, the other tools (obsolete/old) are there for those who use them now and want to reinstall the software.