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May 2017 update

New beta versiion of GWAudit2014 released

version 0.13
Fixed: user defined reports (was broken in version 0.12).
Fixed: license gw-system name is now recognisched correctly
Added: delete mail item (all folders) -> move to trash
todo: delete from this folder.only
Added: purge mail item
all other menu items to do.
Added: Printer selection before printing, instead of default printer.

Known problem:
PDF is broken due to library replacement will be fixed in 0.14

version 0.12
Removed: time bomb
Added: License certificate

Planned for 0.14
-Fix group edit and group acl edit
-extra authorization rules for group edit/member delete add....
-mass import user/resource/nickname
-Distribution list (group) as selection source has a bug, do not use.
-move group, user, nickname, resource
-recalculate date/times to local time
-Agenda view
-Mailbox option for "no agenda items"
-Replace gw passwordcheck at startup for light weight version
-Parrallel search in multiple postoffices for user defined queries
-Parrallel search in multiple postoffices for some system reports
-Finish the delete option
-Add all the options like forward, reply etc
-Fix and finish signature ediot/ssave