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DN and DNL


DN and DNL version 4.x (21 December 2014)

Version 4.04,01 (7 September 2015).

!!!! Important, major memory problem fix for all 4.x versions. (Blue screens) !!!!

Another set of  selection options added. total list:
g:xxxxx  lookup the given name
s:xxxxx  lookup the surname
m:xxxxx lookup the mail (dnl) / internet email addres (dn)
t:xxxx    lookup the title
p:xxxxx  telephonenumber
l:xxxxx   locations (attribute l)
d:xxxxx  department (attribute ou)

Added the missing ldap dll's to the setup.


Version 4.04 (5 September 2015).

Some extra selection options have been added:
Aug  somegroup  g:hans     This will lookup all users with givenname hans and will show a selection option for the correct user.
at g:hans h:\test rf

There are 3 extra selection options.
g:xxxxx  lookup the given name
s:xxxxx  lookup the surname
m:xxxxx lookup the mail (dnl) / internet email addres (dn)

extra options for command AT  (add trustee)

New in version 4.04.
- at command can now also be used to add or remove an single right.
- supervisor trustee right can be set (also on the root of a volume)

At hans h:\test +w
Reads the current trustee rights for hans, and then add write rights to the trustee access mask

At hans h:\test +wc -a
Adds write and create rights, removes access control (owner) right.

If user hans was not a trustee, then it the user is added as a trustee with CW rights.

There are a few special “rights”
At hans h:\test all     will set RWCEFM  (not supervisor and access control)
At hans h:\test alla    will set RWCEAFM
At hans h:\test alls    will set RWCEFMS
At hans h:\test allas  will set RWCEAFMS

At hans h:\test all -mc     sets RWEF
At hans h:\test +all -mc   will add RWEF to the current mask, or sets

3 extra commands (DN only)
SIRM    Set Inherit mask
RIRM    Clear inherit mask
LIRM    List inherit mask

see also manual DosNDS

The LT command and hbwl function listtrustee.
The trustee rights where not returned, only the object names where returned.


Version 4.03

A complete new version of DosNDS has been released.

DN and DNL are commandline utilities for modifying NDS-attributes, trustee assignments on the filesystem and many many more. There are around 90 commands available. The program has also a (script) language. The language can be used for creating new commands and or command scripts.  This new version contains the programs DN (needs Novell Client) and DNL (uses LDAP). DN.exe is more powerfull because in combination with the client it can also modify filesystem attributes/features (trustees, owenship, directory/file attributen).
Also new in this version is option for loading extra modules, at the moment the most important is the GW-module. (Groupwise 2014 and later). This new module is still under development.

The major differences are:

  • Besides the old NDAP version there is LDAP version available.
  • Structural change now extra modules can be loaded
    • NWFile contains all the NSS/NCP functions like addtrustees, etc
    • GW module for GW2014 (under development, added as a sample)

Some commands in DN need the NWFile module, this module will be auto loaded if needed.

see also manual DosNDS

An existing license for DosNDS will work as long as you still have upgrade rights.

Homes 4.00.10

v4.02.01  (2014-11-14)

Added: query (ldap style) selection option.   Like (&(objectclass=user)(ou=dep))

Added: extra filter only objects that have attribute with a given value. (probably the new query option is more usefull)


v4.00.10  (2013-01-22)

Fixed:  The Set directory quota options where mixed up.




  • Initialization error for "new" trees. The queries failed and the wrong error was displayed.



DosNDS version 3.04.01 (Jun 4, 2014)

Remove of a non-existing PATH, CI_LIst  or ACL value prints now an error instead of a program halt.


DosNDS version 3.04.00 (Jun 2, 2014)

Fixed a problem in AV and RV (add value/remove value) with path-type attributes.


DosNDS vesion 3.01.01 (May 17, 2013)

  • Three new commands added anar, lnar and rnar.
  • Documentation updated

The new commands allows you to update the Network Address Restriction list of a user.

anar <user> IPv4-address 
adds ipv4 address to users network address restriction list
rnar <user> IPv4 removes give ipv4 address from user NAR-list
rnar <user> al removes the complete NAR-list
lnar <user> lists the network address restrition list of user


DosNDS vesion 3.01.00 (May 12, 2013)

  • Manuals are updated
  • Sample ui.dnf is corrected
  • Full test of all functions and commands has been done.

DosNDS version 3.00.02 (Apr 30, 2013)

  • Fix license date problem (finally) when workstation datevalue separator character is not a "-' (dash).
  • Fix an endless loop problem in interactie command mode.
  • Fix an error in AT, RT and LT   (add trustee, remove trustee and list trustee).


DosNDS version 3.00.01 (Apr 26, 2013)

  • Fix: a date notation problem. License could not be loaded. (if date format on pc was not YYYY-MM-DD).
  • Fix: Missing dll solved.

Tip: there is a new command loadlic, this will show the license add window. Use this if you want to overwrite a trial license with a permanent license.



Massuser 3.99.21

Massuser 3.99.21. (5 feb 2014)

- Fixed problem in directory/userspace report.


WARNING: If tou have a license file with extention *.hbw or *.lhbw, you need to send your license file to me, so I can serd you a new license certificate for the new license methode.

universal password test

version 2.01.00 (Jan 22, 2014)

  • Added:
    • Added some extra "edit" options. ***beware they are immediate!***
      • Disable/Enable account just one click
      • set/clear Account and password expiration (click in field and select new date)
      • grace remaining and liimit
    • some layout changes (save is now under file -> save)
    • user definable order of the columns
    • option of show/hide columns
    • New connection window
    • selection option based on policy
  • Fixed
    • Save function works now, file was not written

previous version 1.02.00 (Aug 26, 2013)

  • Added extra columns with account information:
    • Password expire date
    • Last login time
    • Grace login values (max/remaining)
    • Account disabled
    • Intruder Lockout
  • Added a "right" mouse menu.
    • Set disable login
    • Set enable login
    • Reset Intruder lockout
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