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December 2015 update

This month all the setups will be updated so they are compatible with Window 8 and 10.

At the moment some are already updated, if you have one that is not updated yet and you need it, drop me an email and I will update is asap.


Other news:

TestUPW is renamed to Universal PW tool.


A beta version of GWaudit2014 is released, it does not need a license yet, and the current version (0.07a) will work until 1 march 2016.

Please let me know what you think and need.

At the moment editing/saving Rules and Signatures are not finished!!

Soon a long expected new version of NDSBackup will be released.


From now (dec 2015) only the licensed, free and beta applications are supported, the other tools (obsolete/old) are there for those who use them now and want to reinstall the software.