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Homes 4.00.10

v4.02.01  (2014-11-14)

Added: query (ldap style) selection option.   Like (&(objectclass=user)(ou=dep))

Added: extra filter only objects that have attribute with a given value. (probably the new query option is more usefull)


v4.00.10  (2013-01-22)

Fixed:  The Set directory quota options where mixed up.




  • Initialization error for "new" trees. The queries failed and the wrong error was displayed.

Homes v4 4.02.01 (3.14 MB)


DosNDS version 3.04.01 (Jun 4, 2014)

Remove of a non-existing PATH, CI_LIst  or ACL value prints now an error instead of a program halt.


DosNDS version 3.04.00 (Jun 2, 2014)

Fixed a problem in AV and RV (add value/remove value) with path-type attributes.


DosNDS vesion 3.01.01 (May 17, 2013)

  • Three new commands added anar, lnar and rnar.
  • Documentation updated

The new commands allows you to update the Network Address Restriction list of a user.

anar <user> IPv4-address 
adds ipv4 address to users network address restriction list
rnar <user> IPv4 removes give ipv4 address from user NAR-list
rnar <user> al removes the complete NAR-list
lnar <user> lists the network address restrition list of user


DosNDS vesion 3.01.00 (May 12, 2013)

  • Manuals are updated
  • Sample ui.dnf is corrected
  • Full test of all functions and commands has been done.

DosNDS version 3.00.02 (Apr 30, 2013)

  • Fix license date problem (finally) when workstation datevalue separator character is not a "-' (dash).
  • Fix an endless loop problem in interactie command mode.
  • Fix an error in AT, RT and LT   (add trustee, remove trustee and list trustee).


DosNDS version 3.00.01 (Apr 26, 2013)

  • Fix: a date notation problem. License could not be loaded. (if date format on pc was not YYYY-MM-DD).
  • Fix: Missing dll solved.

Tip: there is a new command loadlic, this will show the license add window. Use this if you want to overwrite a trial license with a permanent license.



Massuser 3.99.21

Massuser 3.99.21. (5 feb 2014)

- Fixed problem in directory/userspace report.


WARNING: If tou have a license file with extention *.hbw or *.lhbw, you need to send your license file to me, so I can serd you a new license certificate for the new license methode.

universal password test

version 2.01.00 (Jan 22, 2014)

  • Added:
    • Added some extra "edit" options. ***beware they are immediate!***
      • Disable/Enable account just one click
      • set/clear Account and password expiration (click in field and select new date)
      • grace remaining and liimit
    • some layout changes (save is now under file -> save)
    • user definable order of the columns
    • option of show/hide columns
    • New connection window
    • selection option based on policy
  • Fixed
    • Save function works now, file was not written

previous version 1.02.00 (Aug 26, 2013)

  • Added extra columns with account information:
    • Password expire date
    • Last login time
    • Grace login values (max/remaining)
    • Account disabled
    • Intruder Lockout
  • Added a "right" mouse menu.
    • Set disable login
    • Set enable login
    • Reset Intruder lockout
checkEdir 2.01.02

CheckEdir version 2.01.02 (Dec 23, 2013)

  • Fixed problem with date strings in all dll's

CheckEdir version 2.01.01 (Dec 22, 2013)

  • Fixed problem with date validation for non english windows versions
  • Updated the Password check (now fully unicode) and add extra option (do not check not user changed password).

CheckEdir version 2.00.12 (Apr 04, 2013)

  • Menu option for install/update license was not avaiable.

The "help" button at the top right has now a pulldown menu. Here you can select the Update/install license option.


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