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Jan 2018 update

New beta versiion of GWAudit2014

version 0.14:  27-01-2018

-Reemoved: proxy option from config.
-Added: Option for mailsize calculation in user defined queries.
-Added: Clear obsolete proxy accounts
-Added: Export function for number of agenda items.
-Added: Delete support for item this container (move to trash)
-Fixed: License problem if GW System name contains spaces.
-Fixed: Txt-file as selection option (also skips empty lines now).
-Fixed: Selection options for Mass Update. (used the settings of report).
-Fixed: Purge item (didn't work at all)
-Fixed: Get calendar items without a create date failed.
-Fixed: DL as a selection option for reports and mass-update.
-Changed: Calendar view changed (start and end date added)
-Changed: Default Calendar shows future+last month, added pulldown for more.

Known problem:
PDF is broken due to library replacement will be fixed in 0.14


New beta version eDirQuery

version 0.29  27-01-2018

- Added: support for syntax ACL, PATH, Typed Name and FAX for multiple add from clipboard.
- Added: double click on value opens the editor for that value.
- Added: create Object. Also objects with mandatory attributes (binary attributes not supported yet).
- Added: support add/edit for syntax type: Interval
- Added: support add/edit for syntax type: Time (uses local time offset)
- Changed: Popup menu object in browse tab. (create, rename, move and delete one level moved up).
- Fixed: Memory leak

June 2017 update

New (beta) tool available: eDirQuery

- eDirQuery is a tool that allows you to build a query on attibutes and/or attribute value modification date (the real timestamp of a value!)
- There is also a object browser and iit can show the DSI-attibutes (modification timestamp (object) base-class and more.
- There are a lot of export functions.
- Values and attributes can also be displayed in ldap format (and exported)
- Editor functions for most attribute times
and more.

This program needs the Novell Client! (it is NDAP baased because not al information is available in LDAP)

It is a beta program, because there are a few things that are not implemented yet and some documentation iis missing
It is in use for a few years now, it started back in 2013.

Take a look and please let me know what you think of it.


May 2017 update

New beta versiion of GWAudit2014 released

version 0.13
Fixed: user defined reports (was broken in version 0.12).
Fixed: license gw-system name is now recognisched correctly
Added: delete mail item (all folders) -> move to trash
todo: delete from this folder.only
Added: purge mail item
all other menu items to do.
Added: Printer selection before printing, instead of default printer.

Known problem:
PDF is broken due to library replacement will be fixed in 0.14

version 0.12
Removed: time bomb
Added: License certificate